Our Mission and History

Company Mission

The mission of Patterson Financial Group is to build generational relationships with our clients by providing superior advice and services for wealth strategies, asset protection, estate planning, philanthropic endeavors, and business development; and to help every client achieve their full potential through education, support and always doing what’s right throughout every chapter in their lives.

Company History

Richard Patterson moved to Little Rock from Cincinnati in 1972. With a wife and a new son, finding work in a new town was his first priority. While on a training weekend with his army reserve unit, a fellow reservist told him that the Arkansas Office for New York Life Insurance was looking for new agents. Richard interviewed for a position with the firm and on his first day found out that the friend who had encouraged him to apply had already taken another position with a different company. The departure of the one person he knew in the company caused Richard to have doubts in a potential career at New York Life, but he decided to give it a shot. Armed with nothing but a door turned on it’s side to serve as a makeshift desk and a stack of index cards with the names of potential clients, Richard set out to become the best insurance man in the business.

Over the years, he has dedicated himself to the financial services industry and his clients. Forming and growing Patterson Financial Group to well over 1200 clients with needs ranging from insurance and wealth accumulation to advanced estate planning or succession strategies, Mr. Patterson has consistently met each client where they were and helped them achieve their goals through honest and straightforward advice. Patterson Financial Group is dedicated to using our over 50 years of collective industry experience to advance our clients’ dreams.